BT - 10

Suitable for larger users and the obese.

  • Weight capacity up to 250 KG (550 lbs)
  • Foldable and robust curved frame design, solid and easy to store
  • 12 prescriptive combinations of seat and back cushion offers personalized comfort
BT - 10


Foldable and robust frame design
Unlike traditional X-shape frame structure which has the disadvantage of being unstable on uneven terrains, BT10 is stronger and more stable even when it is fully loaded with 250 kg.
Prescriptive Seat/Back Cushion
It offers 12 different combinations of seat and back cushions and 6 possible adjustments according to users’ different needs and conditions.
Flip-back armrest
Flip-back armrest enables side-way movement, making transferring between wheelchair and other places, such as bed and car much easier when getting in and out of the wheelchair.
Swing-away and Adjustable Footrest
Swing-away and tool-free detachable footrest brings huge benefit for users to move between places and for attendant to fold and store wheelchair easily.
  • Adjustable in height with a rage of 10 cm
  • Adjustable in front and back angle
  • Adjustable in front and back position
  • Adjustable in upwards and downwards angle
  • Adjustable in left and right position
Ergonomic Armrest
Ergonomic armrest allows users to comfortably rest their elbows on the arm pads.
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