KP - 12T

For children suffering from CEREBRAL PALSY or MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY.

'Positioning' is an important issue for children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, as a comfortable and safe sitting position can arouse his or her physical potential to interact with people. If the seating position is neglected, the child's spine and body shape will be negatively affected, which might cause medicalproblems in the near future.

KP - 12T


Tilt in space
It can relieve pressure in the hipbone area, avoid inflammation of the pelvis and lowers the risk of developing pressure ulcers. It can also provide stability and safety when travelling on a downhill path.
Flip back
ergonomic armrest
Designed for smooth lateral transfer, such as access to the chair.
One-piece footplate
Height adjustable footplate (in 2 cm increments), stabilizing the child’s feet; the footplate can be stored easily by flipping it up.
Easy tool-free
disassembly, burden free
when travelling
The heaviest part weighs less than 23 kg, allowing parents and child to travel easily.
Anti-tipper, for safety enhancement
Carefree seating
Perfectly suited to the shape of a child's body, depth can be adjusted from 12.5" to 15".
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MULTI-FUNCTION FLEXIBLE HEADREST : Forward, backward/upward, downward/in, out, tool-free adjustment, offers flexible support and helps to stabilize the position of the child's head.
LATERAL TRUNK SUPPORT : Allows 90 and 180 lateral adjustment, offers easy access for carers. Easy to adjust for upward, downward and in/out, providing optimal trunk support.
PROTECTIVE LATERAL SEATING PADS : Allows 90 and 180 lateral adjustment, offers easy access for carers. Easy adjust for seat width, 7 section forward/backward adjustment, maintains the shape of the child's pelvic curve, and prevents deformation of the pelvis.
THIGH SEPARATOR : It can be adjusted forward/backward without tools.
PELVIS BELT : Prevents forward sliding stabilizes the pelvis.

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