KP - 45.5 Saber

Saber is an ideal wheelchair for OUTDOOR MID-LONG DISTANCE JOURNEYS, as it is equipped with SUPERIOR PRESSURE RELIEVED SYSTEM and strong power base.

  • Independent Suspension Response(ISR)
  • Aluminium - alloy frames
  • Streamlined shape
  • Flip back armrest
  • Splendid led lighting
  • Enjoy the reclining function
KP - 45.5 Saber


Independent Suspension Response (ISR)
The sophisticated independent suspension allows the absorbers to accurately predict and avoid road-shock, significantly improving stability and comfort when riding the wheelchair outside.....
Off-road trial Saber successfully travelled over 1,000 km during the road test, and passed the drop test 6,666 times, demonstrating a superb off-road safety.
Aluminum - allow frames The lightweight design reduces the pressure on the battery, extending driving range.
Streamlined shape
The import of drainage concept effectively prevents against mud.
Flip back
Make it easier to transfer into the chair.
Splendid led lighting
300 LUX high brightness LED lights, saving 75% energy and offering 30 times efficiency comparing with a normal light.
Enjoy the reclining function
KP-45.5 and KP-45.5T are equipped with mechanical reclining function; KP-45.5TR offers power reclining.
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Optional Accessories

The tilt -in-space function relieves bottom pressure KP-45.5T / KP-45.5TR equipped with power tilt function, that provides excellent pressure relief and also ensure good postural support. Red ISR Suspension for users weighing between 110 -135 Kgs Standard specification for KP-45.5T / KP-45.5TR

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