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Bring back the smile to people of Nepal

Nepal, the place closest to heaven, was badly shaken by a 7.9-magnitude quake on April, 2015. The devastating and heart-broken disaster caused thousands of the dead or the injured.

Its capital, Kathmandu, was seriously affected and many ancient buildings were severely collapsed.

People are homeless without sufficient water and electricity supplement. Landslides happen in several places because of the earthquake, causing the blocked roads so that the rescue team was not able to reach the remote villages to support them. The victims can only save themselves and the situation was critical.

Karma Health Care Ltd., understood that most of the victims were aged or injured that had difficulty in walking. Therefore, Karma Health Care has organized an charity event to donate 50 pieces of Aluminum wheelchairs to the devastated areas as a modest contribution.

It has been more than a year and Nepal has been restructuring. The victims do not give up their hope and has been recovering from the disaster. The smiles from the victims on the wheelchair speak louder than the words of appreciation.


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